Google Search for Hawaii Web Design

Domain Names

The most important part of search engine optimization is your domain name. Making sure you put your search keywords in your domain name. For Example: “Hawaii Web Design” Our domain name is which has Hawaii Web Design in the URL. You can search in the Google Keyword Tool if you have a Google Adwords account and search on your businesses #1 search keyword. If you can obtain a domain name like this you can get free advertising from Google, Yahoo, or Bing in about 1 to 6 months.

Page Headings or Titles

Along with your domain name it is very important to put the targeted SEO keywords in your website pages Titles and H1 tags. These heading should make sense but also obtain the objective of your search terms. Keep in mind that the sames 2 or 3 keywords you are targeting are in ALL of the SEO locations. The domain name or URL, your Page titles of H1’s, and next is the content of your page.

Content of Your Website

This is about a 5 step process and we are going to go other three of them today. Also make sure that you do NOT keyword stuff your content, you have to write the content like you are talking to the visitors. Notice earlier in this pages content, I put in my Target Keywords? I am located in Hawaii so my target locations are all the Hawaii Islands. So make sure you have your target keywords and location written in your content. Notice that we are located about the 16th position for our keyword. This blog post and content should help to move that up. I would suggest writing content for your website as often as possible.