Hawaii Content Writing

Writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blog Writing and Facebook Posts. Updating your site regularly is very important if you want to get your website to the top of an organic Google listing. I would say update your content at least once a month on every page. Adding and editing content with SEO and blog writing will go far. Remember Google is like a content monster and it feeds on fresh and updated content.

Focusing on good keyword search terms that include your location and keywords that a person would search to find you. Like Hawaii Content Writers, this is a perfect example for writing for SEO. Using the keywords in your content that people would type into a search engine to find your products or service. Using the Google Keyword tool is one of the best ways to find good keywords, however you have to sign up for a Google Adwords Account.

Organic vs Google Adwords

This is simply a numbers game over time. Google PPC (Pay Per Click) will get you a return on your investment immediately if your websites conversion rate is on point. But once you stop paying, your profits drop. This is not true for Organic marketing, even when you stop putting money into SEO your website will continue to climb, but after a while if you do not continue it will drop. Also the conversion for Organic searches are higher, something to do with intelligence.